Awesome Low Carb Breakfast Options

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, and for a very good reason. Once you are up and about, eating a healthy breakfast can kick-start your metabolism and keep you going until lunchtime. Your body needs energy to function and a decent breakfast will give you this in spades. But what can you eat for breakfast if carbs are off the menu? Read on to find out.


Eggs in all their forms are a fabulous source of protein and a tasty breakfast ingredient. You can do lots of things with an egg or two, and as long as you don’t fry them in lots of oil, eggs are a healthy alternative to cereal or toast. Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, Eggs Florentine or an omelette with grated cheese or spinach—the possibilities are endless and you’ll never get bored if you have eggs for breakfast!


Fruit yoghurts are great if you are in a rush, but for some extra added flavour, mix natural yogurt with fresh fruit and a sprinkling of flax meal. Alternatively, make a yoghurt and milk smoothie with fresh fruit and protein powder.


At first glance, breakfast cereal is a serious no-no if you are on a low carb diet, but if you can’t bear the thought of missing out on your daily bowl of cereal, fear not because there are a few low carb options to choose from. Special K cereal comes in a low carb version, as does All Bran, but do check the label before you buy.


Ok, so a large steak might not be terribly appetising at the breakfast table, but bacon and eggs is a good option if you fancy a substantial meal to see you through until lunchtime. Crispy bacon or sausage and eggs go well together and are very filling thanks to the high levels of protein. For a healthier option, go for lean turkey bacon or sausage.

Smoked Salmon

For the ultimate in posh breakfast treats, buy some smoked salmon and serve it up with goats cheese, cucumber and some freshly ground black pepper. If smoked salmon doesn’t appeal, try some grilled kippers instead.

Melon Or Grapefruit

Fresh juicy melon or grapefruit makes for a light and refreshing start to the day, and if you combine it with low fat cottage cheese, you can enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast. Grapefruit also goes particularly well with smoked salmon.

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