Best And Worst Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast - Serge Bertasius PhotographyIf you’re someone who loves to start your day off with a bowl of cereal, it’s going to be imperative that you are making a wise decision here.

With so many different cereal varieties to choose from, it can get pretty easy to make a wrong move. And if you do, you definitely will not be seeing the results that you had hoped for from your diet plan.

Let’s go over some of the top breakfast cereal choices and some of the worst.

The Good

When it comes to a cereal, you can’t beat oatmeal. As long as you choose an unsweetened variety, this breakfast cereal will provide fiber, long lasting energy, and is quite versatile as well.

Plus, it’s very filling for a lower volume of calories, so great for those on intense diet plans.

Another good cereal is bran buts or all-bran. Keep in mind that you do want to check the sodium content of these varieties as at times it can get high, but as long as it’s kept low, you’re good to go with this one.

Finally, shredded wheat squares are the last good breakfast cereal to consider and will help to pack in a serious fiber punch while keeping your blood glucose level steady.

The Bad

On to the bad.  One of the top cereals that tends to fly under the radar with most people is granola based cereals. Not only are these often high in sugar, but they can be very high in calories as well, which will really move you away from your goals.

Also be very careful about any of the flavored flake-like cereals you choose. While often they will seem healthy because they contain whole grains and come with added nuts or dried fruits, check the sugar content to be sure.

You may be getting in far more sugar than you think.

Finally, it should go without saying but any clearly obvious sweetened cereal – Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Pebbles, or Honey Rice Crispies for example should be avoided.

If it seems more marketed toward your child, it’s definitely not going to be a wise choice for your diet plan.

So keep these quick tips in mind.  Cereal can be a good way to start your day as long as you choose that cereal wisely and make sure to read the full nutritional label before bringing it home with you.

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