Four Ways To Prevent The Metabolic Drop Associated With Dieting

Decrease Graph - jscreationzsAs you go about your diet program plan, one thing that you need to be especially careful about is the metabolic drop that can sometimes occur. On any diet plan, it is very normal to see a decline in your metabolic rate as you progress along because this is the body’s natural way to protect against starving to death.

Unfortunately though, for you the dieter who wants to lose weight, it’s anything but beneficial.

Let’s take a quick peek at the main ways that you can prevent a metabolic drop so that you can carry on getting the results that you desire.

Don’t Crash Diet

The first and smartest way to prevent the metabolic decline that typically occurs is to avoid crash dieting entirely. If you start dropping your intake too far, it will be unavoidable and you will suffer a slower metabolism because of it.

Always use a moderate approach – you may see slightly slower results, but you will keep seeing results far longer.

Continue To Strength Train

Next, also make absolutely sure that you are continuing to strength train. If you forgo strength training, not only will your metabolism decrease more but you may also lose lean muscle mass and strength as well.

Strength training is one of the most important exercises to do when you’re on a fat loss diet plan.

Eat More Carbs

Moving along, also be sure that you get in sufficient amounts of carbs. Those who use lower carb diet plans tend to notice greater metabolic declines than those who use a more moderate approach, so do try and keep as many carbs in the plan as you can.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat a high carb diet, but don’t go very low carb either.

Moderate for most things when it comes to dieting is always better.

Refeed Every Few Weeks

Finally, you should also be making sure to do a refeed every few weeks. This is going to be a period in time where you bring your calorie intake up much higher, making your body think the diet period is over.

Eat at maintenance or slightly above for a 2-3 day period and then return back to the diet. When you do, you should see fat loss progressing along more quickly again.

So there you have some fast tips to prevent against the metabolic decline often seen while dieting. Use these and you will have better results to show for your diet efforts.

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