Have A Quick & Easy Lunch With This High-Protein Sweet Potato Recipe

When most people think of creating a healthy lunch meal, they think of lean protein sources such as beef, chicken, turkey, or fish.  While these are all great options, sometimes you just need a change from the regular.

Going meatless on some of the days of the week can be a great way to boost your overall nutrition and see great results. Plus, it’ll keep you from suffering from dietary boredom, which definitely has some serious advantages.

This healthy sweet potato recipe is loaded in complex carbohydrates, high in dietary fiber, and will still provide a powerful source of protein to complete the meal due to its cheese content. Cheese lovers will definitely rejoice with this recipe as it will allow you to build this much-loved food right into your diet plan.

Just be sure to choose the lower fat varieties so that you can keep your fat intake under control. Feel free to top the potato with any choice of diced vegetables if you prefer something other than what’s listed.


1 medium baked sweet potato
½ cup low-fat cottage cheese
2 oz. cheddar cheese, low fat
1-2 tbsp. each chopped green onions and green peppers
2 tbsp. salsa

Place potato in the microwave and cook for five to seven minutes.

When it’s finished, slice in half and slightly separate.

Top with cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and sprinkle over green onions and peppers.  Finally, spoon on salsa and serve as a simple meal that will get you through the afternoon.

(Image by Limes & Lycopene)


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