How To Incorporate Chilli Into Your Diet & Boost Your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolism is a great way of maximising weight loss. Exercise is the most obvious way of doing this. Doing some hard intervals on the treadmill is pretty much guaranteed to give your metabolism a jump-start, but another, less obvious way is to eat spicy foods that raise your core body temperature. Chilli is a good example of such a food, so here’s how eating chilli can boost your metabolism and help you lose a few pounds.

Why Is A Higher Metabolism Good For Weight Loss?

Everyone needs a certain amount of calories (energy) to help them get through the day and the more active you are, the more calories you need, which is why exercise is an essential part of any weight loss plan.

The Link Between Spicy Chilli & Metabolic Rate

Chilli peppers contain a colourless compound called Capsaicin. It is this compound that gives chilli peppers their characteristic heat. The hotter the chilli, the more Capsaicin it contains. Scientific studies indicate that eating spicy chills raises the metabolic rate for up to three hours. The figures quoted vary, but it is somewhere between 20% and 50%.

The reason for this happy event is that eating hot chilli peppers raises your heart rate, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. So the next time you accidentally consume a scotch bonnet, think of the calories you are burning. And if you can stomach a red savina habanero chilli pepper, you will be sweating off the excess pounds for hours.

Spicy Food & Weight Loss

Another advantage of eating spicy food containing chilli is that it suppresses your appetite (probably because your mouth is burning). It also helps you to feel fuller at the end of the meal, which is a bonus if you are struggling to control your cravings for carbohydrate-laden comfort foods.

Make Chilli A Regular Part Of Your Diet

Eating chilli is clearly good for your weight loss plan, but nobody wants to eat chill con carne for dinner every night. So you need to find other ways to incorporate chilli into your diet. Adding chilli flakes to regular dishes is a great way of doing this. Chilli can give a flavoursome boost to soups, stews, and stir fries. You can even add chilli flakes to salad dressings. And if you want to enjoy a tasty dessert, add chilli flakes to a rich chocolate mousse for a guilt free pudding.

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