Integrating Supersets Into Your Workout Programme

One of the best workout techniques that you should consider utilising in your workout programme is the superset. Supersets are great for boosting your metabolism, pushing the body harder, and for shortening up your entire workout session so that you can get in and out of the gym in a hurry.

When doing a superset, you’re going to pair two exercises immediately back to back with each other, with no rest in between. Once both exercises have been completed, you’re then going to rest for 30-60 seconds before repeating them again. Let’s go over the main points to know about the superset, so you can see how to perform these correctly.

Compound Supersets

First you have compound supersets. This variation is where you’re going to pair together two compound movements such a bench press and a squat. Or, you could do a bent over row and a deadlift.

This type of superset will drive up your overall calorie burn during the workout as well as these are two very intense exercises.  You’ll also notice your heart rate climbing quite high also, so this can offer cardiovascular benefits as well.

Same Part Supersets

Next you have same part supersets. This is a very intense technique used to fully burn out one muscle group and is where you’ll do two exercises for the exact same muscle. So you might perform a bicep curl followed by a hammer curl.

Or you might do a tricep extension followed by a kickback.  Just keep in mind that you should do these towards the end of the workout as you will be quite fatigued afterwards.

Isolation Supersets

Finally, isolation supersets are where you’re going to perform two isolation exercises back to back. This is great for developing a good muscle pump and helping keep up the pace of the workout.

Examples of this would include bicep curls with tricep extensions or chest press with bent over rows.

Note that you shouldn’t add all types of supersets to each workout. One or two supersets per session is about all your body can handle, so balance it with the straight exercises that you’re doing.

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