Low-Fat Foods That Should Not Be A Part Of Your Diet

Getting ready to start on a diet plan? If so, you’re likely thinking about some of the top foods that you should be eating as you go about the programme.

What’s the best thing to eat to get rid of fat in a hurry? And, more importantly, what’s going to just stand in your way?

The important thing to realise here is that there are some low-fat foods that people eat thinking they’re going to be a fast way to help them see success, when really they’re just going to wreak havoc on their diet plan.

If you fail to think about these and let them into the mix, you could be setting yourself back, rather than moving yourself forward.

Let’s go over some of the top diet foods that aren’t so diet-friendly after all.

Fruit Juice

The first one to beware of is fruit juice. You think it’s healthy, after all, it’s real fruit!?!

Don’t be misled. Fruit juice packs in way too many calories, doesn’t offer nearly enough fiber and is just going to make you hungrier.  Have a piece of real fruit and drink a glass of water. That is a far superior plan.

Protein Bars

Another food that you should banish from your diet plan is protein bars. You might think these are a good snack food since they are higher in protein than your average chocolate or granola bar and you’ve always heard how important protein is while dieting.

While this is definitely true, the fact is that these protein bars still contain just as much sugar as most chocolate bars and their calorie count is sky-high.

If you have high energy needs then maybe you can get away with having these on your diet plan, but more often than not, they’re best left off the menu.

Snack Packs

Finally, the last of the low-fat foods to avoid are those 100 calorie snack packs.  They seem so cute and convenient and since they only contain 100 calories you may think they’re an okay choice, but the reality is that these foods are still filled with empty calories that won’t do your body any good.

And since your calories are limited when on a diet plan, you need to be making the most of the ones you eat.

Put these back on the self and keep shopping.

So there you have the main low-fat foods that you should avoid for better results. Don’t let them slip by you.

(Image by  Anankkml at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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