Here are some sites that we like:

NHS Lose Weight Resources
Resources and tips from the NHS

Women’s Fitness & Weight Loss Tips
From the leading online woman’s magazine

Weight Watchers
Millions have joined and succeeded – so can you!

National Obesity Forum
Tackling diabetes, heart disease and weight related illness

Overcoming the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling

Oxford Hypnotherapy
Providing a hypnosis option for weight loss

EBM First
What alternative health practitioners might not tell you about losing weight

Diet & Fitness Resources
Offering a wide range of diet and fitness products

Showing you how to look good naked

Run 24/7
Health and fitness news around the clock

Calorie Counter
Information and products to help you count calories

Alkaline Diet Blog
Tips, articles and advice on the Alkaline Diet

Articles on health, diet and fitness specifically for women

Healthy Living Tips
Healthy living tips from

Exploring alternative health methods