Psychological Hurdles To Overcome To Keep You On Track

There’s no doubt about it—losing weight is hard, especially if you have spent years eating the wrong foods and developing unhealthy eating patterns. It will be difficult to change your relationship with food overnight, but there are certain common psychological barriers that can make the task of losing weight even more difficult.

Do Others Undermine Your Efforts?

If you have spent your entire life being overweight, others will be used to you in that guise. Your partner may have only ever known you as a larger person and coming to terms with the ‘new you’ will be just as difficult for them as it will be for you. It may be that they are afraid you will become much more self-confident if you shed some pounds. Issues like this can cause all kinds of problems. Having your efforts belittled and undermined will make your task a lot harder, so if your partner, family or friends are being negative about your weight loss plan, you need to understand that this is their problem and not yours.

Are You Depressed?

Many people don’t realise they are depressed until someone tells them. Unfortunately, depression is often linked to overeating and weight gain. When a diet isn’t working, it is important to look at the reasons why you are struggling. Do you feel like there is no point? Keep a food diary and try and tie in your eating habits with your emotional state, and if you suspect you may be suffering from depression, ask your doctor for some help and support.

Gyms Are Scary Places

Joining a gym for the first time is a scary experience, particularly if you are significantly overweight. But exercise is important as it will speed up your weight loss and tone up your body. Hiring the services of a personal trainer for a few introductory sessions could be useful in this regard as they will give you a program to work with. You could also try asking a friend to join with you if you need some moral support in the early days.

The Dangers Of Stress

Stress is a dangerous thing and if you don’t tackle the root causes of your stress, your diet won’t be the only thing that suffers. Try and recognise when stress is causing you to comfort eat or eat the wrong things. Look at your eating habits and spot the bad patterns. Do you hit the coffee machine and biscuit tin when you are stressed? If so, work out other methods of dealing with your stress—meditation for example.

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