Quick Ways To Boost Your Workout Progress

If you’ve been doing the same workout in the gym over and over again and are starting to notice results just aren’t coming as quickly, it’s time to change something up so that you can move closer to success.

Continual changes in a workout are vital if you’re going to beat progress plateaus and make sure that you never skip a beat as far as ongoing results are concerned.

Let’s look at some quick ways to boost your progress instantly by changing one key element of your workout.

Reverse The Exercise Order

The first way to alter your workout is to reverse your exercise order. If you always do squats and then move into a bench press, try leading with a bench press instead.

As simple as it sounds, this can make a big difference on your long term results.

Use A Different Rep Range

Next, consider utilising a different rep range. Taking reps a little higher for a week can bring about greater gains as it shocks your body into doing more work than it’s used to.

Try and keep the weight constant as best as possible as you do so to evoke the greatest training response.

Change Your Rest Break

Another quick and simple way to change your workout around and see faster results is to use a different rest break protocol. If you typically take 2 minutes to rest, bump it down to 60 or 90 seconds. This will force the body to work harder, learning to combat fatigue in a hurry.

Just be sure as you reduce your rest periods, you never let yourself move out of proper form.

So as you can see, changing your workout so that you get back on track to better results doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes small adjustments can mean to massive success over time.

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