Rebecca Adlington’s Tips Can Help Make Your Swim Training More Interesting

Swimming is a great form of low-impact exercise, but it has to be said that swimming endless laps of the local pool is hardly inspiring. Yes, you might end up with a streamlined and trim body, but you may also end up bored rigid. So how can you make swim training more fun? Luckily for us, Olympic middle-distance swimming legend, Rebecca Adlington, has a few helpful tips.

Plan Your Swim Session

Swimming twenty lengths of the pool, three times per week, might keep you in reasonable shape, but it won’t help you reach a higher level of fitness. To do this you need to follow a training programme with achievable goals.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Mix up your swim training with speed work, drills, distance work, and recovery swims.

Have Training Goals

Make sure you have a specific goal for every session you do. Whether your plan is to achieve a specific lap time or swim a set distance, make sure you work towards this during your time in the water.

Set Small Targets

If concentration is waning and you are more interested in the hot girl or guy sitting in the Jacuzzi area, set small targets to stay focussed. Count strokes or try and increase the number of strokes between breaths; anything you can do to sharpen your mind and restore concentration levels is good.

Try A Few Swim Gadgets

There are lots of different swim gadgets available to help you make the most of your swim training sessions.

  • Pull buoy
  • Hand paddles
  • Swim float
  • Wrist and ankle weights

Incorporate one or more into your swim training sessions to help build up strength and improve technique.

Join A Swim Club

Swimming with other people is a lot more motivational than swimming alone week after week. The other benefit of joining a swimming club is that it gives you access to swim coaching, which is great if you need some pointers on your technique or advice about training plans. But if you can’t stand the thought of joining a swim club, try and arrange to swim with a friend. Even if they are at a different level to you, having a pre-set arrangement to swim together will help keep you motivated and encourage you to push yourself harder.

Swim In Different Environments

Where possible, mix and match your swimming environment. For example, swimming in open water or the sea is very different to swimming in a heated 25m pool. Different swim environments will help to improve your technique and make you a better swimmer.

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