Rest Periods – What You Need To Know

One critical component to focus on getting into place properly as you go about your workout session is your rest periods.

The rest periods that you’re using are going to influence the rate of success you see because how long the body rests between each exercise has a strong influence over how much weight you can lift as well as the metabolic response that you’re getting from the workout session.

Let’s go over some of the main points to know about rest periods so that you can choose properly with your own workout programme.

Little-To-No Rest Periods

If you’re using no rest, such as if you’re performing a circuit training programme or doing supersets, your primary aim here is to boost the metabolic rate, see cardiovascular benefits, and increase your tolerance to fatigue.

Do not use this when you are looking for maximum strength building however as you must allow the muscles to recuperate between sets so that they can lift heavy again.

30-60 Seconds Of Rest

Next, the 30-60 second rest length is a good length for most people and will keep the workout moving along very nicely, while still giving you some time to rest and recover.

This type of rest protocol is great for shedding those extra pounds or for when you’re doing isolation movements.

60-120 Seconds Of Rest

Finally, for heavy compound lifts, the 60-120 second rest break is the route to go. You want to make sure that the muscles are fully recovered so that you can lift a maximum amount of weight for that next set you do.

Just don’t go beyond 3 minutes – most people won’t need to rest for longer than this before doing that next set.

So start thinking about how much rest you’re using. Are you making any key errors in your approach?

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