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The Best Sources Of Protein To Eat Daily

Looking to boost your protein intake? It’s a must that you take in enough protein on your diet plan, with most people requiring about one gram per pound of body weight each and every day – if not slightly more. Yet, most people fall short. If you’re currently not getting what you need, it’s time that you start seeking out the best sources of protein to be eating regularly. Let’s look at the main ones to know. Egg Whites Egg whites are a highly versatile food and are very cost effective, so great for those on a budget.  In addition to that, they’re a high volume food, meaning you can … Continue reading

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Bob Harper’s Dieting Tips – Video Blog

Bob Harper, from hit TV show “The Biggest Loser”, gives you his top tips and tricks for losing weight. These are the same methods that he uses to help the contestants on his show slim down. You need to set SMART goals, manage your workout properly and cut your calorie intake. Watch the short video below to find out what else Bob recommends to help you shed those extra pounds. www.howtoloseweight.co.uk Have you downloaded our great FREE report yet? Plenty of other dieters have and they are now using this report to overcome the 5 most common obstacles which could stand in their way of losing weight. Click on the … Continue reading

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