The Alternate Day Diet

If you’re looking at all the diets that are out there right now, you’ve likely come across a few fasting approaches.  Fasting diets are hot right now with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon and one particular fasting approach that is quite common is the alternate day diet.

But, before you rush off to try it and see what it’s all about, there are some important things that you should know.

Let’s look at what points to remember about the alternate day diet.

What This Diet Is All About

This diet is all about freedom when it comes to eating.  If you are sick and tired of feeling restricted on your diet plan, always calculating calories, and never really eating what you truly enjoy, this plan will fix that in a hurry.

With this diet, you’re allowed to eat whatever you want on the days that you are designated to eat.

You’ll alternate between days where you can eat anything and your down days, where you are to eat no more than 20 percent of your typical calorie intake.  For most people this would mean 500 calories or less, so this easily counts as a very low calorie diet on those days.  The diet recommends that you use meal replacement shakes on the down days to make things easier on you since they are very calorie and nutrient controlled.

What You’ll Eat

On the on days that you’re allowed to be eating, you can eat just about anything to your heart’s content. While the diet does encourage you to make healthy choices, nothing is off limits.

On the off days, meal replacement shakes are recommended, however you can choose other foods if you want, but you must maintain strict calorie control.


  • Will provide great freedom in food choices
  • Good for those who hate feeling restricted
  • Can produce good rates of weight loss when used properly
  • May help to reduce the risk that you suffer a metabolic slow-down and progress comes to a halt


  • Can cause some people to develop binge eating disorders
  • If you make poor food choices, your nutritional status will go down
  • Doesn’t teach proper realistic nutrition habits for life
  • You may find you are incredibly hungry and fatigued on down days

The Verdict

All in all, this is definitely a different type of diet but for those who never seem to stick with a normal diet, it may just be your key to success. Just do try and choose as healthy as possible as that will be key to promote optimal health.

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