The Atkins Diet Review

If you’re looking to diet, chances are good you’ve heard of the Atkins diet plan. But, is this plan really for you? Hundreds of people have used it with some success, so you too may be thinking that it’s a plan you should be jumping on to.

In order to assess whether this is a good diet for you to be utilising, there are some things that you should know. Let’s look at the key points to remember of the Atkins diet.

What This Diet Is All About

The Atkins diet is a very low carb diet plan that focuses on proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables. Back in the day there was fewer requirements regarding the specific food choices you were to make, as long as they were low carb anything was allowed.

Now however, the focus has shifted to healthier fat sources and lean meats, rather than fatty cuts of beef, cheese and butter.

What You’ll Eat

On this diet, you’ll eat foods such as chicken, fish, turkey, lean red meat, and eggs along with olive oil, seeds, nuts, fatty fish, coconut and coconut oil, and avocado’s.  Vegetables will be added and fruit will be allowed on occasion.

The diet does contain four different phases, with the first phase being the strictest where you are to eat 20 grams of carbs or fewer each day. This is where you lose the bulk of the weight.


  • Calms hunger very well
  • Can promote a rapid weight loss at the start
  • Great for those who prefer fat-rich foods


  • Doesn’t support intense exercise
  • Not good for those who love carbs
  • Some people may find their energy and concentration plummets when on this approach.

The Verdict

All in all, if you make wise food choices this diet can be a healthy one to be on, but note that it is not going to allow you to perform intense physical activity. Due to the very low carb nature of it, you just won’t have the fuel source to perform this type of exercise, so activity levels will have to be kept to a moderate intensity only.

If you’re someone who does tend to suffer from hunger while dieting however and has no problem removing grains and other carbs from your diet, it’s likely a terrific approach for you and one that you will see great success using.

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