The Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

Looking for a diet plan to use to help you reach your desired weight? If so, one particular type that you should be strongly leaning towards is a higher protein diet plan.

Most people don’t take in nearly enough protein on a regular basis as it is, and when you’re trying to diet, your protein requirements really do go up.  If you aren’t meeting them, you’re in for some trouble ahead.

Let’s look at why high protein diets are superior to moderate protein diets so you can see why this is the route to go.

High Protein Stops Hunger

The first reason to opt for a high protein diet is because these diet plans are going to be best for curing hunger pains on a day to day basis. Protein rich foods offer the greatest immediate satiety value, so if you have a very protein rich meal, you can rest assured you’ll be feeling full for hours.

If you combine that protein with a little healthy fat, you take this effect on step further as the fat will slow the digestion of protein down even further.

High Protein Maintains Muscle Mass

Another reason to opt for a higher protein diet is because protein is the one and only nutrient that will maintain your lean muscle mass.  Protein is what muscle tissue is made up of and when you aren’t taking in enough protein to meet your daily requirements to stay alive (since it’s also involved in many other important transactions that occur on a day to day basis), the body will start taking protein from the muscle cells and placing it into the blood.

The end result is that you lose lean muscle tissue, which then makes slimming down even more difficult.

A higher protein diet is one of the best ways to preserve your lean muscle mass.

High Protein Boosts Your Thermic Effect

Finally, the last reason to opt for a higher protein approach is because a high protein diet will enhance the thermic effect of food you get from your diet. This refers to how much energy the body is going to expend simply breaking your food down.

Since protein is a very energy costly nutrient to break down and digest, this means your total daily calorie expenditure will go up. This only enhances the deficit you create, allowing you to lose body fat faster.

So there you have the key things that you should know regarding a high protein diet.  Make sure that you are getting your requirements met.

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