The Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training, is a cardio variation that kicks things into high gear and has you alternating periods of very intense exercise with periods of active rest intermittently.

The intense intervals typically last for around 30-60 seconds, while the rest period is twice as long and this is repeated six to ten times per workout session.

Interval training is a very effective form of cardio training for a number of different reasons. Let’s look at what a few of these are so that you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you.

HIIT Helps You Burn Fat All Day Long

The first benefit to doing HIIT is that it’ll help you burn fat all day long. If you do this workout session in the morning, you’ll have an increased metabolic rate for at least another 12-24 hours after it’s completed.

This means your total daily calorie burn goes up, which means you see faster weight loss overall.

HIIT Improves Your Fitness Level

Next, nothing is going to improve your cardiovascular fitness level faster than HIIT. This type of training is going to push your fitness barrier, so you’ll quickly teach your body to work at all-out intensities and recovery quickly.

If you want fitness improvements, this is the way to go.

HIIT Is Fast

These workouts are fast to complete. A HIIT session is only going to take around 15-20 minutes to do, so you can kiss those hour-long treadmill workouts good-bye.

HIIT Cures Boredom

Finally, because you’ll be continuously moving between fast and high paced intervals, HIIT cure boredom. Your session will be over before you know it, making it a far easier workout to stay committed to.

So if you have yet to try this type of training, make sure that you give it some consideration. It’ll completely change your body and move you closer to success.

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