The Best Sources Of Protein To Eat Daily

Looking to boost your protein intake? It’s a must that you take in enough protein on your diet plan, with most people requiring about one gram per pound of body weight each and every day – if not slightly more.

Yet, most people fall short.

If you’re currently not getting what you need, it’s time that you start seeking out the best sources of protein to be eating regularly.

Let’s look at the main ones to know.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a highly versatile food and are very cost effective, so great for those on a budget.  In addition to that, they’re a high volume food, meaning you can eat quite a few of them for the calories to really add up to a significant amount.

Generally, the more volume you can eat while dieting, the less hungry you’ll be. Try them with salsa first thing in the morning.


Chicken is the next good protein source to make sure that you’re eating regularly.  Chicken is a high quality source of protein that’s low in fat and will work great for muscle building and repair.

Chicken can also be cooked and prepared a number of different ways, so it’s hard to get bored of it on your diet plan.


Don’t forget about salmon. Salmon is a great source of protein as well as a good source of omega fatty acids, making it an especially terrific option for those trying to diet.

While it is higher in calories than the two former options due to the increase in fat content, it’s still a must to be eating. Just control your serving size so that you don’t over-consume when it comes to your calorie intake.

Cottage Cheese

Finally, don’t overlook cottage cheese as part of your diet plan. Cottage cheese is great as it’ll promote faster weight loss in the belly region especially and it breaks down very slowly in the body.

Plus, it’ll also supply a good dose of calcium as well, which is important for promoting strong bones and good muscular contractions as you go about the diet plan.

So make sure that you aren’t overlooking these sources of protein on your own diet plan. If you aren’t getting them in, now is definitely the time to start incorporating them into your diet more often.

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