The Dukan Diet – Just Another Fad Or A Guaranteed Way Of Shedding The Fat?

Sometimes eating healthily isn’t enough and you need to find a different strategy to help you lose weight. Specialist diets usually claim to do just that. Some involve restricting your calorie intake whereas others only let you eat certain foods. The Dukan Diet is one such diet.

In 2010, the Dukan Diet was high up on the non-fiction bestseller list in the UK and the US; it was also the bestselling book in France. Celebrities endorsed it and millions of people rushed out to buy the book and kick-start their weight loss program. More than seven million copies of the diet book were sold in 2010 alone, but does the Dukan Diet actually work and will it help you shed fat?

How Does The Dukan Diet Work?

The Dukan Diet was designed by Pierre Dukan, a French dietician and nutritionist. It is a high-protein, low-fat eating plan that is reported to lead to rapid weight loss. Basically you can eat whatever you like as long as it’s protein. Sounds restrictive, but with 100 foods on the diet list, you are spoilt for choice.

The Four Phases Of The Dukan Diet

  • Phase 1 – During the ‘Attack’ phase you eat nothing but lean protein and oat bran. You are only allowed to drink water. This phase lasts for up to ten days.
  • Phase 2 – The ‘Cruise’ phase lets you eat non-starchy vegetables as well as lean protein, plus a bit more oat bran. You can stay in this phase for months.
  • Phase 3 – The ‘Consolidation’ phase is a bit more fun and continues for five days per pound of weight loss. Add fruit, whole-grain bread, hard cheese and a few eat-what-you-want meals.
  • Phase 4 – This is the maintenance or ‘Stabilisation’ phase, where you are allowed to eat what you want most of the time as long as you have a protein-only day once a week.

Does It Work?

The theory behind the diet is that restricting your carbohydrate intake will force your body to burn fat. However, eating such a restrictive diet for a longer period of time is not necessarily good for you and whilst you are quite likely to lose weight, you might end up lacking in essential nutrients.

On the plus side, you may notice rapid weight loss and you won’t feel hungry because it doesn’t restrict your calorie intake, but on the negative side, don’t be surprised if you end up suffering from unpleasant side effects such as constipation.

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