The Fruit Diet

If you’re looking for an all-natural diet approach that encourages plenty of fresh produce, the fruit diet is one that you might be considering.  It would seem healthy at first glance since everyone knows that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is a highly recommended component of healthy eating, but is that really the case?

Let’s have an inside look at what you should know about the fruit diet so that you can determine for yourself whether it’s right for you.

What This Diet Is All About

The fruit diet is a diet plan that is going to only allow parts of plants to be consumed, so it takes things one step further than the vegetarian diet.  The foods that are allowed are the nuts of the plant, the seeds, as well as the fruit, but all other parts of the plant are not to be consumed.

So foods such as say eating carrots, potatoes or spinach would not be allowed in this diet as they don’t contain any nuts, seeds or fruit.

What You’ll Eat

So on this plan, you’ll eat fruits such as apples, oranges, pears, and berries, along with nuts, seeds, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes and avocado.

Additionally, you’re also allowed to eat grains and pasta to help round out the nutrition and make sure that you are meeting your needs.


  • Food choices will have you eating a very thorough source of nutrients
  • The diet will be high in antioxidants
  • Is relatively easy to use


  • Doesn’t provide adequate protein
  • Will be short in many nutrients
  • Will not support muscle rebuilding and repair, so intense exercise should be avoided

The Verdict

All in all, while the plan does have some very healthy components to it, it’s not nutritionally balanced so is not going to be the most ideal option as far as maintaining a healthy nutritional status goes and seeing optimal success on your diet.

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