The Gluten-Free Diet

One diet plan that is starting to become more and more popular as many people are starting to either realise that they do have gluten intolerance or are simply realising the benefits of removing gluten based foods from their diet is the gluten-free diet plan.

If you have gluten intolerance, then when you eat foods containing this form of protein you will experience digestive pain and upset, so removing these foods from your diet is definitely going to be a wise idea.

Let’s look at what this diet is all about so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

What This Diet Is All About

The gluten-free diet is going to eliminate all gluten from the plan. So this will include any foods made from flour, oats or rye including things such as breads, baked goods, cereals, pasta, and many other processed foods.

Additionally, you’ll have to be very careful with some other foods such as condiments, sauces and dairy products as these can contain gluten as well and potentially put you at risk.

What You’ll Eat

On the diet you’ll instead be eating lean protein sources such as chicken, beef, and fish along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, barley, seeds, nuts and oils.

Dairy products are only allowed if they are entirely gluten-free.


  • Helps promote more stable blood glucose levels due to removal of flour-containing foods
  • Encourages a higher consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Can help to encourage weight loss due to the removal of many high calorie foods


  • Can be tricky to carry out as many foods contain gluten that you wouldn’t think would
  • Some people may find that their energy level drops at first as they adapt to cutting out all wheat containing foods – this can be avoided however if you focus on eating enough complex carbs such as brown rice or potatoes

The Verdict

All in all, the gluten-free diet offers well-balanced nutrition that will definitely support a healthy body and ensure that you feel great at all times. If you are sure to maintain a proper calorie intake for the purpose of slimming down, you will have no problem seeing good results from using this diet plan over the long-term.

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