The Jenny Craig Diet

One diet plan that you’ve likely heard about many times in the past is the Jenny Craig diet. This diet has received much praise by many people as being the top way to promote optimal weight loss and when done right, it can work.

But, there are a few important things that you should know about this diet before moving forward so that you can be sure it’s going to be a good decision for you.

Let’s go over the main things that you should know.

What This Diet Is All About

The diet plan is all about convenience and portion control. No foods are off limits as long as you are eating the right amount, which makes this a very good diet for those who typically suffer from a high amount of food cravings.

The Jenny Craig diet also provides you with more guidance than most diets do as you’ll meet with a diet counsellor who will help you along with the approach every so often as you go about using it.

For those who struggle with motivation, this is a key selling point of the diet.

What You’ll Eat

On the Jenny Craig plan, you’ll be encouraged to eat as many pre-packaged meals the company puts out as possible. These meals come in a wide number of different varieties, so boredom will not be something you face.

They are all quite small overall however since many are relatively high calorie foods, just served in very small sizes.  Keeping this in mind is important however as this diet can cause some issues with hunger if you don’t choose wisely.

There are no restrictions on what you can and can’t eat, so it’s great for those who want flexibility.


  • Allows you to eat anything
  • Won’t cause any feelings of deprivation
  • Encourages foods from all food groups
  • Is easy to sustain for a longer time period


  • The pre-packaged meals are very expensive
  • This diet can give you some issues when eating out
  • Some people may find hunger is a problem
  • Doesn’t teach life-long nutrition skills

The Verdict

All in all, Jenny Craig is a good option for those who hate cooking and want lots of guidance as they go along. It’s also a good choice for those who are pickier since there are plenty of meal options to choose from.

If that describes you, this is an approach to consider.

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