The Slim Fast Diet – Can Creamy Shakes Really Help You Shed The Pounds?

Losing weight is tough for a lot of people. They may stick to their diet for the first few weeks, but before long motivation falters and the weight starts creeping back on. Often the biggest complaint is that counting calories and preparing faddy meals takes time and effort, which is why the Slim Fast Diet is so appealing. But is the Slim Fast Diet a fad diet or will you reach your target weight and, more importantly, stay there?

How The Slim Fast Diet Works

In the early days, going on the Slim Fast Diet meant replacing meals with protein shakes. This is still the case, but these days you are also allowed to eat Slim Fast meal bars and snack bars, as well as being able to choose from a range of low calorie snacks. The Slim Fast Diet also offer a range of low-calorie ready-meals to make it easier to stick to the diet plan, although you are encouraged to prepare a healthy evening meal.

3-2-1 Plan

Slim Fast protein shakes, snack bars and meal bars are consumed in place of breakfast and lunch. You can eat three snacks (Slim Fast bars or a selection of healthy alternatives), two meal replacement shakes or meal bars, and one low calorie meal containing no more than 500 calories.

Does It Work?

Based on a daily intake of around 1200 calories, you can expect to lose around two pounds per week. Unfortunately, following such a restrictive diet is unlikely to lead to a sustained weight loss in the long term. Yes, you may be able to lose weight quickly if your only goal is to drop ten pounds and squeeze into a bikini on your next holiday, but once you start eating normally again the weight is likely to pile back on.

The other problem with following such a restrictive diet is that it is incredibly dull and boring. It is also an expensive way to lose weight—the cost of buying all the protein shakes, meal bars and snack bars soon adds up.

When To Use Slim Fast Shakes

If you are looking for a quick-fix weight loss method, Slim Fast may work for you. In the short term, replacing meals with low-calorie shakes is almost certainly going to help you shed the pounds, but if your goal is to lose a large amount of weight and keep it off, you would be better off giving your diet a complete overhaul and doing more exercise.

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