The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is one that is very popular with many celebrities, which then naturally draws many others to give it a try.

Understanding what the Zone Diet is all about will help you better come to an informed decision as to whether this is a diet plan that you should also be considering.

Let’s go over the main facts that you should know about it.

What This Diet Is All About

The Zone Diet is one that puts you ‘in the zone’ by focusing on a very balanced split of nutrients with each meal that you eat. You’ll consume a 40-30-30 split between carbs, fats and proteins, which means that each meal is going to require a bit more planning than with most diets.

Fortunately, there are Zone prepared meals and bars available to make things easier.

What You’ll Eat

This diet doesn’t require any major food restrictions so does offer well-balanced nutrition.  You’ll take in plenty of lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, and lean beef along with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and oils.

The main thing is that you must take these foods in with right proportion so that you maintain the zone set-up.


  • Offers balanced nutrition so nutritional deficiencies are rare
  • The basic calorie level is ideal for safe results when you are dieting and losing weight
  • Has received much celebrity endorsement


  • Will take far more time to plan out than most diets
  • If you purchase ‘Zone’ bars, shakes, or meals, the costs will add up
  • The calorie intakes may not be high enough for those completing intense exercise programs

The Verdict

All in all, the Zone Diet is a very good one from a nutritional planning point of view, but does require that higher planning commitment level, so you just need to think hard about whether you have the time and energy for that, or the funds to purchase their prepared products.

If you do, then this may be the diet that will help you finally shed those last few pounds you’ve been struggling with and kick-start a brand new healthier lifestyle.

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