Three Reasons To Strength Train

If you want to slim down then you must get started on a good strength training programme. Far too many people gravitate to cardio workouts only when trying to watch their weight and unfortunately, this just doesn’t lend them the success that they’re after.

If you want to boost your progress into high gear, strength training is what you should be after.

Let’s look at three of the top reasons to add this to your workout session regularly.

Strength Training Boosts Your Metabolic Rate

First, strength training is going to help to boost your metabolic rate considerably. Those who want to slenderise quickly should focus on what they can do to increase their daily calorie expenditure, which means they won’t have to diet as hard.

After a good strength training workout, you’ll burn calories faster for hours throughout the rest of the day.

Strength Training Transforms Your Body

Strength training is also going to help transform your body. While cardio may help you look smaller, strength training is what will completely change your physique. If you want a brand new you, this is the exercise to do.

You can build muscle, firming and toning all the places that are currently a little too soft for your liking.

Strength Training Prevents Muscle Mass Loss

Finally, strength training will also reduce your chances of lean muscle mass loss. Those who aren’t strength training will likely lose muscle while dieting, which slows their metabolic rate and can make you feel weaker overall.

So make sure that you aren’t overlooking this form of exercise. Add it in and you will see faster success overall.  It only takes thirty minutes two to three times per week, which is hardly too much to ask for.

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