Tips To Know When Dining Out

If you’re on a low-fat diet and are going to be eating in a restaurant for one of your meals, it’s vital that you have a good game plan in place for how to eat healthy and still stay on track with your diet plan.

Eating in restaurants can be one of the most detrimental things for any dieter because of the fact that not only are your serving sizes typically out of this world, but they also add in a very high amount of added butter, oil and sometimes even sugar.

If you’re trying to stay lean, it’s a nightmare.

Fortunately, with a few smart choices and some menu adjustments, you can still eat healthy even while dining in a restaurant. Let’s look at a few tips to get you started.

Choose Salads But Be Picky

One of the safest bets to be having when you dine in is a salad. A salad is a good option because there’s less cooking involved, meaning less butter will be added.

But still, you have to be careful about what your salad contains. Remove any high calorie cheeses, croutons, bacon bits, dried fruit and candied nuts.  Nuts and fresh fruit are okay options as they will provide great nutrition.

Also be care of any noodles or tortilla chips the salad includes as these will pack in calories as well. And of course, have the dressing on the side.

Remove The Bread Basket

If you sit down at the table and there’s a breadbasket sitting right in front of you, make sure that you request this to be removed.

The bread basket is one place where calories always lurk and most people won’t stop after just one piece.

Have it removed and you won’t have to worry about it.

Opt For Grilled, Not Baked

When choosing your main protein source, go with grilled rather than baked. Baked dishes have the potential for added cream or butter, so these can get high in calories.

When it’s grilled, fat will drip off during the cooking process.

So there you have three quick and easy tips to remember when dining out for a meal. Try and look up nutritional information before you go online as this can give you a more complete picture on what you’re taking in.

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