What To Do When Your Diet Stalls

If you’ve been going about your diet, seeing great results, and then all of a sudden everything just seems to come to a halt, you’ve just fallen into the dreaded progress plateau.

Unfortunately this can be quite a common occurrence for those who are moving along any diet and workout programme, so is a natural part of the process.

This doesn’t mean that you have to toss in the towel when it happens though. Most dieters get highly frustrated as soon as it sets in and before they know it, they’ve fallen off the bandwagon entirely.

Let’s go over a few of the smart things that you could do instead to keep yourself moving along.

Take A Week Off

The very first thing to consider doing is taking a week off. At times, the primary reason why you’ve hit the plateau is because the body has slowed its metabolic rate down so low that it is next to impossible for you to lose any more weight.

A week off eating at a much higher calorie intake will jumpstart the body again so that when you move back down and start dieting again, weight loss resumes.

Not to mention a week off can often do wonders for your mental state, so can really save the day for many dieters.

Evaluate Your Calorie Intake

Another must-do if you’ve hit a plateau is to re-evaluate your calorie intake. Have you become less accurate in your calorie measurements?

Some people start letting little bites slide here and there without factoring them into their total, but those little bites can easily add up to 400-500 calories over the course of the day.

If you’re not careful, this could completely wipe out your calorie deficit entirely.

Count everything – it’s the only way to stay on track.

Change Your Workouts

The last quick fix to prevent a progress plateau is to consider changing around your workouts. If you head into the gym on a regular basis and do the same workout over and over again there’s every chance that your body has adapted to it.

Start doing something different. Do a new exercise, change the order or alter the set range.

Just do something to evoke change and see what  a remarkable difference that will make.

So there you have the quick fix strategies to get through any progress plateau. With smart techniques, this doesn’t have to keep you from reaching your goals.

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