What To Know About Rep Ranges

As you go about your workout programme, it’s important that you take into account the rep range in which you’re working through. Since the amount of weight you lift overall and the amount of reps you perform are highly correlated, it’s a must that you get this correct.

Let’s take a quick look at the various rep ranges that you can utilise as you go about your workout programme so that you know which you should use for optimal success.

4-6 Reps

The 4-6 rep range is ideal for those looking to build maximum strength.  Because you won’t be hoisting the weight that many times, you can use a much heavier weight when working in this rep range, thus increasing your strength faster.

This rep range is most commonly used when performing compound exercises, and very rarely used with isolation movements.

6-10 Reps

The 6-10 rep range is a good range for most people as it’ll still create some metabolic effects in the body but help you maintain a heavier weight overall.

It can be used for both compound and isolation exercises, as well as by those seeking fat loss or muscle building.

This rep range is the most common range to use across a wide number of workout plans.

10-15 Reps

Finally, the last rep range is the much higher rep range and is typically used most often with those doing isolation exercises. Since you will have to lighten the load dramatically for this range, it’s just not going to work all that well with compound movements.

Save this rep range for isolation movements done at the end of a workout session.

So there you have the main points to know about the rep ranges that you can work through.  Pay attention to them because they can make or break your results.

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