Why Joining A Support Group May Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Losing weight can be a difficult journey to negotiate. Even if you are fired up with a determination to drop three dress sizes before your holiday, there will be dark moments when you want to throw in the towel and just give up. It is at times like this that a lot of people need the help and support of friends and fellow dieters. If you’re struggling but nobody appears to be taking much notice of your effort to lose weight, you are going to find it even harder to reach your weight loss goal. So can a support group help, or should you just suffer in silence?

We All Need A Helping Hand

No man (or woman) is an island. We may be a strong, independent person in many areas, but the weight loss journey is often tied into our self-esteem. We want to lose weight in order to feel better about ourselves, but if we suffer from low self-esteem the little voices inside our head will try and sabotage our efforts at every turn.

Having someone to talk to and share the difficult times with will really help you work through the days when you think you’re wasting your time and what’s the point in dieting anyway. The whole point of a support group is that everyone is in the same boat. You are all in the same place, struggling and trying hard to stick to your diet plan. So if anyone knows what you’re going through, it is certainly your fellow dieters in the support group.

Fat Club Support Groups

Diet plans such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World offer bags of support to those who sign up for their weight loss programs. Going along to the weekly weigh-in meetings is a great chance to chat to your fellow dieters and share stories of success (or failure). Having that sense of camaraderie can make a huge difference in whether your diet will ultimately be successful (or not). You aren’t obliged to attend the meetings, but they can be enormously helpful if you are struggling to stick to a weight loss plan.

Online Support

Not everyone wants or has the time to attend support group meetings in person. We all lead busy lives and when yours is one long carousel of work and family, taking an hour out once per week to attend a weigh-in and support group meeting may seem like a step too far. In this instance, looking for support groups online may be a better solution. Virtual friends are often just as supportive as friends in real life. You can also chat to virtual friends 24/7, which is useful if you need some extra support at 3AM when food cravings are kicking in.

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