Why Nutrition Is Critical For Success

For many people who absolutely hate the thought of going on a diet plan when they want to lose excess body weight, the solution is to go to the gym as often as possible and try and burn calories like crazy.

They think if they just burn off enough they can completely avoid having to diet entirely.

Well if that’s your thinking pattern, you’re unfortunately highly mistaken.

Let’s have a quick look at why your diet is so critical for dieting success.

Nutrition Creates The Deficit Faster

The very first reason why you must diet if you want to see great results is because it’s far easier to create the calorie deficit you need to be with a diet plan compared to a workout programme.

Consider the fact that the average workout will burn around 300-500 calories depending on the intensity and the duration and you can eat back this many calories in about five minutes with some good high-calorie eating.

Is five minutes really worth all that time in the gym? You must stop and consider this. If you have a bad diet plan, you are going to be doing a lot of exercise to compensate.

Nutrition Helps Maintain Lean Body Mass

Another important reason to focus in on your diet is because it’s your diet that will help you preserve your lean muscle mass.  If you exercise too much and eat poorly, missing your mark for your protein requirements, you may burn up lean muscle mass and keep fat on your body.

The end result is a flabby appearance, even if you are slightly thinner.

Nutrition is what ensure that you maintain good health and lose fat mass, not muscle.

You Can Only Do So Much Exercise

Finally, the last reason why you should look after your nutrition is because the body can only handle doing so much exercise overall. Overtraining will set in if you’re exercising for hours per day and this will put the brakes on all those workout sessions in a hurry.

If you combine diet and exercise, that will give you the best of both worlds.

So don’t neglect eating right any longer. If you are serious about reaching your goal of losing those extra pounds, you need to get serious about making some smart changes to your diet plan as well.

(Image by Susan von Struensee)


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