Why Rewards Are A Critical Part Of Staying Motivated

If you’re getting ready to start a workout programme, it’s important that you don’t overlook the role that having proper rewards in place will play. Many people do understand that goal setting is important and go on to set some good goals for themselves, but then neglect to follow through with some rewards.

Rewards can serve as a very powerful tool to keep you motivated at all times and ensure that you continue to strive towards greater and greater success.

Let’s go over why rewards are so important and how you can make sure that they work best for you.

They Mark A Milestone

The first reason why rewards are so important is because they’re going to mark a milestone of achievement. With each mini goal that you set along the way to your long-term goal, if you set yourself a mini-reward for it, you’ll break down the path to that long-term goal and make it so much easier to achieve.

Having the reward to celebrate with is going to boost the feelings of satisfaction you get from reaching that milestone and help you press onwards to greater success.

They Boost Self-Efficacy

Next, rewards will also boost your level of self-efficacy. This means that they’ll help you feel more capable of reaching your goals and ability to carry through on your intentions.

Having a high level of self-efficacy does tend to be important for long-term success, as those who have higher levels will attack their goals with greater intensity.

Choosing Smart Rewards

So now that you can see why rewards are so important for success, how do you go about choosing the best rewards?

The key is to first make them not about food as much as possible. While it may be tempting to make your reward all about having a certain meal or dessert you crave, try and stay away from this as it only forms a connection between success and food that you don’t want to build.

Instead, try and choose other things that are important to you. Seeing a movie with a friend, buying that new bag you had your eye on, or – if it’s a longer term goal – possibly taking that vacation that you’ve wanted to go on for so long.

The more meaningful the goal is to you, the better.

So there you have a few quick tips regarding setting proper goals that work for you. Make sure you don’t overlook their importance.

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