Why You Should Never Use Food As A Reward

As you go about setting your workout goals, it’s important that you do have some rewards in place. Rewards are going to help you realise the success that you’ve just had and give you something to look forward to each and every step along the way.

But, what should you be setting as rewards?

For many people, the thought of digging into a piece of cake, ordering up a pizza or going to that little French restaurant that they love so much is something that they’d definitely enjoy using as a reward for their hard efforts.

But is this really the best plan? Or is it just going to lead you astray? Let’s look at some reasons why food should not be used as a reward.

The Obvious – Potential Weight Gain

First, the obvious reason not to use food as a reward is due to the potential for weight gain. If you are just having a food reward once every two to three weeks this may not hinder you too much, but if it’s happening twice a week  this is going to be a problem in terms of your ability to keep losing weight.

The Achievement = Good Food Connection

Another problem with using food as a reward is the connection that will come from it.

If you use food as a reward, any time you start to do something good in life, you may think that you deserve to eat unhealthy foods because of it. This can then set you up for long-term weight problems if you are constantly eating bad foods whenever you are experiencing happiness, joy or achievement.

You don’t want to associate food with emotions as that is what drives emotional eating.

The Short Term Effect

Finally, food will only provide a short term effect. Try and choose rewards that last a little longer – a movie, a night out with a friend or a vacation. This will allow you greater enjoyment than the few minutes that you’d get from eating the bad food that you had been craving.

So keep these points in mind. Using food as a reward is never a good idea, so try and seek out alternate ideas that will serve you better over the long run.

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