Why You Shouldn’t Ban Dairy From Your Diet

As you go about your slimming programme, one food group that you may think about removing entirely from the picture is dairy rich foods. Many people cut these items off their grocery list because they firmly believe that they’ll cause fat gain to occur.

But, this isn’t entirely accurate. If you choose incorrect dairy choices then yes, these definitely won’t help enhance your results. But chosen correctly, dairy can actually promote faster progress, not take away from it.

Let’s look at why you should consider adding dairy to your diet plan.

It’s High In Protein

The very first reason to opt for dairy rich foods is because they’re a good source of protein. A glass of skim milk for example will provide almost 10 grams of protein, while a half cup of Greek yogurt can provide 15 or more grams.

Since many people do really struggle to get their protein intake up high enough, consuming dairy products makes this all more possible. Getting enough protein in your diet is a must, so not something to miss out on.

It Promotes Abdominal Fat Loss

Next, calcium from dairy foods will actually encourage faster fat loss from the stomach region. Those dieters who eat at least two to three servings of dairy each day will show higher rates of abdominal fat loss than those who don’t, so this isn’t something to overlook.

Adding dairy to your diet, as long as it is the lower fat, lower calorie varieties could in fact make you more slim than if you had eaten other foods.  Just keep in mind some dairy products are high in sodium, so aim to choose lower sodium varieties if you can as well.

It Cures Hunger

Finally, the last great thing about adding dairy products to your diet plan is that the form of protein found in these foods (called casein) takes longer to digest and break down in the body, therefore will keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time.

For anyone who is constantly hungry on their diet plan, this is clearly a very good thing.

So don’t be so quick to banish dairy products from your meal plan.  Choose wisely and pick low-fat, low-calorie varieties and you can definitely start adding this food to your meals a little more often.

(Image by Somchai Som at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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